Team History – New and Improved

Hello Preble Football Fans!!

We don’t have a volunteer for our Varsity Highlights Writer this year, so we’ve been exploring other options to keep this tradition alive.  We’ve been taking many steps to preserve the history of Preble football now, so that years from now these boys won’t have to spend so much time digging to get to the history that once was.  Psst – if youre interested in writing the highlights – let us know!!!

One thing we’ve done is posted a photo on Facebook for parents to comment on, and use to update other parents. These posts will remain on the page.  ALL parents are encouraged to comment on the photo, especially when their player makes a big play.  The more parents involved, the better picture we will recreate for those reading.  Thanks Tifiny Bruce and Mark Diring for jumping in and commenting.

You’ll notice that our program the past two years has been filled with history.  These are true keepsakes and will be treasured forever.  A special thanks to our volunteer designer from Brosig Designs – Danielle Brosig!  And our program helpers: Coach Larsen, Troy Rentmeester, Eddie and Kim Psenicka, Matt Roeser, Kelly Burich, Holly Princl, Kathy Saharsky,  Shelley Carwardine, The Preble Dance Team, the Preble Marching Band, Harmann Studios, and ALL of our many sponsors!  (and anyone that may have been missed by mistake)

Our Website coordinator, Kelly Burich, is working on a history section of our Website to keep what we’ve learned through hours of digging in tact, and accessible to those interested.  Keep checking back for updates as we continue to add content.  If you have an idea or content from over the years – PLEASE contact us and Share!!

And lastly, we have a new Varsity Stats Page!  You will see a variety of stats and information posted to the page in the days after each Varsity Game!  We’d like to thank Kent Buergi for this AWESOME feature!

Thanks for all that you do to support Preble Football – We hope to preserve the history of this amazing program and hold true to the traditions we’ve created here at Preble.