Frequently Asked Questions

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How does my child get on the team?

Football is a no-cut sport. As long as your child has all of the correct paperwork on file with the main office, they can participate. Preble football players are student-athletes (education comes first). In order to be eligible, players cannot have more than two failing grades. Also, Preble football players are expected to be young people of integrity and to be positive representatives of Preble High School and themselves. Being a Preble football player is a privilege, not a right.  All players must agree to follow all the rules and regulations provided by WIAA, code of conduct, and Coaches alike.

What Paperwork does a player need?

* Links to forms can be found in Forms/Fees tab.  These will be updated each season.  If you don’t see current seasons forms please check back closer to the start of the season. Thank you for your patience!

All paperwork must be turned in before a player can participate in team practice.

Current Required Forms Include:
Activities Eligibility Form – ALL Players complete EVERY year  (This is a combination of what used to be several forms)
WIAA Physical Form – Required Every OTHER year / OTHER year info is included with Activities Eligibility Form
Bellin HIPAA Form – Required ONCE upon joining of a sport
Camp Registration Form – Required if attending Camp, which is highly encouraged.

Where can I get nutritional information?

Please refer to our Questions/Resources Page for information on athlete nutrition information.

What are Contact Days?

The WIAA allows all sports teams to have five days of sport-specific practices during the off-season. The term “contact” means that coaches are allowed to have contact with players and teach players football-related skills. The first two days of practice are in helmets and the last three days are in shells (helmets and shoulder pads). Although attending contact days is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. During contact days, the offensive and defensive schemes are taught to players and installed which is why it is so important for players to attend. When the season actually starts in August, it is the hope of the coaching staff to have players already understand the plays so that the focus can be on practicing the plays instead of teaching them. If your child cannot attend contact days, they are still welcome to join the team once the season starts. Contact days are typically held during the middle or end of July.  You can find date information on our calendar.  There is a fee for attending contact days because it is considered a camp.  Camp Registration Forms/fees can be found here.

When do practices and the season begin?

  • Please see our football calendar tab.
  • Our Team schedules are also listed by team in the Team Schedules Tab.

What equipment will I have to buy?

  1. Cleats

These other items can be purchased through coaching staff, or at another store of choice.

  1. Black Chin Strap
  2. Mouth guard
  3. Integrated Girdle (a girdle with hip, thigh, and tailbone pad built in) is highly recommended

What other Fees are there, and how do I pay?

In addition to personal equipment, There is a player fee. Camp may also has a fee that is determined each year based on the arrangements we can make for camp.  (ie. facilities, rentals, food, any other variables)  Fees can be paid via cash/check or debit/credit card via our online PayPal option located in the Forms/Fee Page. There are other optional purchases such as fundraising efforts and apparel.

How do I get information?

You can get information about Preble Football in a variety of ways. We hold a parent meeting each year, which will be communicated through the following:

Click on our “Home” Tab:

    • Find our Twitter feed (@PrebleFootball)
    • LIKE our Facebook Page!
    • Subscribe to our “Newsletter” to get emails on important information and updates.

What is Meet The Team Night?

Meet The Team Night (MTTN) is an opportunity for players and coaches to introduce themselves to parents and fans. MTTN is at the stadium and usually takes place the day before the varsity has their first scrimmage. Players of all levels get a chance to be announced and run onto the field at Gauthier Family Stadium in front of parents and fans. Winners of the Iron Man Competition are also announced. It is a relaxed atmosphere where parents and fans can come to enjoy some picnic food and talk some football before the season starts. Everyone is invited so come join us for some fun at MTTN!

What is the Iron Man Competition? 

The Iron Man Competition is a long-standing tradition for Preble Football. The competition measures players’ strength, agility, power, speed, and conditioning. The Iron Man consists of the bench press, squat, clean, medicine ball toss, 40 yard dash, vertical jump, pro agility, and 300 yard shuttle conditioning test. Players’ scores on each event are converted into Iron Man points. Each event is worth 15 Iron Man points for a total of 120 points. The Iron Man Competition allows coaches to assess players’ strength, speed, agility, and conditioning and it gives players an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work they put in during the off-season. The top five iron men from each grade as well as the overall iron man are recognized at Meet The Team Night.

What do you suggest athletes do in the off season to maintain athleticism?

Off season Preble Football players are encouraged to attend workouts four days per week. Players who participate in a winter or spring sport will be doing an in-season workout with their teams. Participating in another sport is a great way to stay in shape and helps players become a well-rounded athlete. The workouts are designed and facilitated by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Coach.  Our weight room is staffed with supervision while it is open.  For the most recent Off Season Schedule offerings please see click here: Off Season Schedule.

Am I required to fundraise?

The safety of our athletes is the first priority of the entire coaching staff. To ensure the safety of players, our goal is to provide players with quality equipment that will help them avoid injuries and stay on the field. Also, we want to make sure that we continue to be a competitive football team. In order to stay competitive, the program needs resources to help us become a better football team (e.g. end-zone camera, new tackling dummies, etc.). Although the district provides some funds for football, fundraising is imperative for the safety of our athletes and continued success of our program. Another reason we have a fundraiser is because football never tells a young person that they cannot participate due to inability to pay. Fundraising helps guarantee that all students get a chance to put on the green and gold.

The expectation is that 100% of Preble Football players participate in the fundraiser.

As a parent, are their volunteer requirements?

In order for our Preble Football Program to offer our teams and fans the best experience possible, we need help from ALL of our players parents. We ask that each of our players are represented by a parent volunteer at a minimum of 3 opportunities, with no maximum. This can be split between parents, or done by all one parent of each player. We have several opportunities outside of actual “Game Day”, and we encourage our volunteers to work outside of their child’s games. (Ex: If your child plays Varsity, you can volunteer during a Freshmen or JV opportunity, so you don’t miss out on being your child’s biggest FAN!) We also encourage families to volunteer together, or get to know new families! Please view our “Volunteer Spot”Tab to see volunteer opportunities and sign up.

How do I get involved with the Football Booster Club?

WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!!! The Booster Club is an entity that works in partnership with our Head Coach/Staff to support the Preble Football Program. As a parent of a Preble Football Player, you are part of the Football Booster Club. You can simply cheer on our teams or become significantly involved by attending meetings, helping plan our season events (Ex: MTTN, 5th quarter events, etc), volunteering, and/or submitting feedback and ideas to the Board. Based on the time and effort you have to commit, we have something for everyone.

What do I wear to the end of year Banquet?

There isn’t a required dress code, however you will find that most athletes wear business casual attire, or Preble Football attire.  Families generally have worn business casual attire.  (Business casual = khakis or another color dress pants, with a dress shirt, optional: tie, bow tie, or sweater vest)


What is the 5th Quarter?

The 5th Quarter is an organized meeting place for athletes and their families to meet after the game.  We arrange the 5th Quarter events with local establishments that serve food and drink for our hungry athletes. (Our way to patronize some of our sponsors / Some offer deals / Payment is expected at the time of service) Parents can come meet other families, get to know other players/friends, and ensure our athletes have a place to share in triumphs and the occasional hardship.  Come join the fun of the 5th Quarter!!