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Volunteers are needed for a successful organization. The links below will take you to our online signup system.

Thank you for supporting our Green Bay Preble Hornets Football Program!


Packers 2-Person Beer Stand: Family Night, 2 Preseason, 9 Regular Seaon

Team Dinners the night prior to Varsity games

VARSITY Home Games: JV and JV2 families, sign up for these opportunities

JV Home Game: Varisty families, sign up for this opportunity

JV2 Home Games: Varisty families, sign up for these opportunties

Volunteering FAQ:

  1. Volunteers are crucial to our program. The Green Bay Preble Quarterback (booster) Club must raise approximately $90,000 annually to support the Preble Football Program. Money is spent on items including but not limitied to: uniforms, pads, Guaridan caps (prevents concussions), practice equipment, footballs for games and practice, practice jerseys, meals for road games for players and coaches, end of year banquet meals for players and coaches, concession stand equipment, etc.
  2. When you volunteer, there will always be at least one member of the booster club around to answer any questions you may have and to assist you.

    1. When volunteering for a Packers game, we will provide you with a cell phone # of your direct supervisor at Lambeau as well as with a call phone # of a booster club board member.
  3.  If there is a grandparent, family member, etc. who is interested in volunteering to help you fill your volunteer slots, we welcome them as well!

  4. Packers games 2-person beer stand details:
    1. Each volunteer slot filled by a player's family will earn a $75 credit back to them for their yearly Quarterback (booster) Club contribution for the 2023 season. That means you can cover 100% of this year's contribution by filling 2 volunteer slots! Credit will be issued after the Quarterback Club receives payment from Delaware North.
      1. Fill MORE than 2 volunteers slots this year and earn $75 credit per volunteer slot towards your 2024 contribution, not to exceed $150 total.
      2. Freshmen families: because the freshman contribution is $100/year, any credit earned beyond $100 this year will be applied towards next year's contribution, not to exceed a $150 credit for 2024.
    2. Volunteers must be 21 years-of-age or older and complete a brief online training module at least two weeks prior to their assigned game.
    3. Volunteers arrive no later than 3.5 hours prior to kick-off and, after checking in with their on-site supervisor, can leave when sales end at the completion of the third quarter.
  5. Our ultimate GOAL is to increase our large-dollar corporate sponsors to lessen the financial burden placed on our booster club/football families to allow us to improve, rather than simply maintain, our equipment and facilities.  Reach out to us at ANY TIME if you may be able to help us secure more sponsorships.

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