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Volunteer Page

Volunteers are needed for a successful organization. We are asking families to signup for 3-4 volunteer opportunities this year.  The links below will take you to our online signup system.

Thank you for supporting our Green Bay Preble Hornets Football Program!

Monday, 9/19/22: JV1 Game

Monday, 9/26/22: JV1 Game

Friday, 9/30/22: Varsity Game - Homecoming

Friday, 9/30/22: Varsity Game: Program or Apparel Sales

Monday, 10/3/22: JV2 Game

Monday, 10/10/22: JV1 Game

Monday, 10/17/22: JV1 Game

Sunday, 11/6/22 End of Season Banquet: Decoration/Set-up

Sunday, 11/13/22: Packers Game, indoor 2-person beer stand

Thursday, 11/17/22: Packers Game, indoor 2-person beer stand

Monday, 12/19/22: Packers Game, indoor 2-person beer stand

Sunday, 1/1/23: Packers Game: indoor 2-person beer stand

Sunday, 1/8/23: Packers Game, indoor 2-person beer stand

Football Game Volunteering FAQ:

  1. There will always be at least one member of the booster club around to answer any questions you may have and to assist you.  

  2. We have created a binder for the concession stand that includes step-by-step processes to guide you.

  3. Siblings who are at least 12 years old are welcome to volunteer along with a parent/guardian or relative/adult 18 years of age or older.

  4.  If there is a grandparent, family member, etc. who is interested in volunteering to help you fill your volunteer slots, we welcome them as well!

  5. For varsity game nights, you can choose to fill 2 slots that piggyback off one (ex: 6:00-7:30 and 7:30-9:00) another and knock out 2 obligations at once!

  6. While we are still looking for more fundraising opportunities that would create more chances to fulfill your volunteer commitments, we have no more to announce at this time.

    1. Our ultimate GOAL: increase our large-dollar corporate sponsors to lessen the financial burden placed on our booster club/football families to allow us to improve, rather than simply maintain, our equipment and facilities.  Reach out to us at ANY TIME if you may be able to help us secure more sponsorships.